• Mentoring Sessions
    Mentoring Sessions
    Helping you reach your goals
    sooner with less risk
  • Investor Support Pack
    Investor Support Pack
    Allowing you to invest & learn
    along the way
  • Buyers Advocate
    Buyers Advocate
    Finding the right investment
    property for you
  • Review Package
    Review Package
    Our FREE off the plan/house & land
    review can save you thousands!

Why choose InReach Investments?

How We Can Help

As a property mentor, property agent or buyers advocate, we know property investment inside and out. Take the opportunity to listen to an active investor who has walked in your footsteps or benefit from our buyers advocate. We can help you achieve your property investment goals saving you time and money.

The secret to property investment

The Simple Solution

Our checklist for property investment has been refined many times to craft our winning formula. It’s simple and produces real results. In a nutshell:

  • preparation and planning
  • defining a clear strategy
  • having a support team in place
  • buying the right property for you

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