InRech Investments company page

As a property mentor and buyers advocate, Cameron Patterson helps everyday people build their investment portfolios.


The secrets of Inreach Investments

There are several reasons why InReach Investments should be your go-to buyers advocate;

Honesty and independence
We aren’t your typical buyer’s advocate. Independent and transparent, backed by a wealth of personal investment experience, our goal is to deliver on your brief. We listen to what you want and make it happen.

Success that speaks for its self
Cameron’s high volume portfolio was developed within a short period of time. Take advantage of Cameron’s learnings and allow him to find your property for you. This could fast track the development of your portfolio, saving you time and money.

Insider industry knowledge
Cameron’s strength is in finding investment properties with strong cash-flow in areas with good potential capital growth. These types of properties cost you, as an investor very little to hold and they place you in a more sustainable position in the short, medium and long term.