We believe buying an investment property is a process, not an event

We’ve designed and refined a purchasing process that can help investors reach their goals.


We are fully licensed and have a proven track record of being able to help our clients reach their investment goals.

Customised Search

We tailor our search to meet your brief. There are many way to invest in property and we are happy to support you in which ever pathway you choose.


We see our role as buyers agency as a position of great responsibly. Trust, honesty and integrity are paramount to us.

Find out why inreach investments should be your go-to buyers advocate

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What makes us different...


We aren’t your standard buyers agency. We have no plans to be doing twenty deals a month. We deliberately keep our customer base low so we can maintain a high standard of properties and customer service.

Fully licensed

There are many property companies out there that claim to be buyers agent but they aren’t licensed. A license ensures the agent has had the correct training and must operate under an industry code of conduct.

Reasonably priced

Our prices are well below that of the industry standard.

Fee structure

There are many buyers agents out there that charge their full fee upfront. We require a deposit to be paid with the balance payable when the contract on the secured property goes unconditional.

Our process

Our buying process has been refined over many years. It is tried and tested. We also try and pass on as much knowledge as we can to our clients as we move through the buying process.


InReach Investments uses external data providers in addition to having our own internal models to identify potential growth areas. Only our clients have access to this highly sought after information.

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